Klashinkof Boghos

Meet Klachinkofe  Boghos  , He is Armenian and He lives in Bourj Hammoud maybe you know him if you are Armenian or heard of him or He loves Armenians in every way He got pretty famous lately this year because of some of his videos on YouTube 😀  everyone had his videos on their

..Enjoy the photos: D

PS : Blogging is addictive ..and Photo blogging is even more addictive .. Thank you all for your  comments on previous blog you guys are Awesome !


Her name is L.

Meet L from Lebanon – we did a photo shoot today and it turned out to be awesome I tried to edit in a different way let me know if you guys liked it sometimes Change is good 😀

Here is the quote that Me and L agreed that should be the theme for this blog “Giving up doesn’t always mean you are weak, Sometimes it just means your strong enough to let go ”

The King and Pawn

Hello , I was thinking lately about all what was going in Egypt and how important is for someone to love the king or the president of a specific country and how powerful can be the power of getting united , I don’t like to talk much in my blogs since I am trying to tell the story with my photos – This blog post is dedicated to all my friends in Egypt and everyone is surviving this ugly situations hope you guys get the message I am trying to give . and as there is a quote that says ”  After the game the king and pawn go to the same box ”