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Hummus For Thought

By Guest Author and Photographer Krikorian Mher from Beirut Street Photographers

Some shots leave a deeper mark on the photographer, and those are some of them. Have you ever entered a small old shop and looked around? Well, Most probably the owner will be in his late 50’s or 60’s , busy working and will barely notice you enter, Because it’s been a while since somebody really went through his shop and asked for something.

I did go inside, I did talk with him and there in the corner, just where destiny stands, I noticed the wall filled with photos and crosses of Jesus Christ and Saints he believed in…all enveloped in dust…just like our destiny will one day.

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Armenian Genocide 97th anniversary in Lebanon

Today April 24 , 2012 is the 97th  anniversary of the Armenian Genocide,  We Armenians in Lebanon marched

more then 20,000  took part in the march which started from Armenian Orthodox Catholicosate in Antelias, and proceeded to the Turkish Embassy in nearby Rabiyeh

Love the fact every single Armenian was there , Old and young were walking towards Turkish Embassy and for one cause Armenian Genocide