Meet Mime

What is Mime

Mime is where you silently express things. You have to be really good to do a show of mime, as there is no talking, you have to show what you mean by body lanuage.
Mime is very emotional and you can express your feelings silently.

and now here you go to watch would happen if Mime decided to go out in the streets 😀






Mystery Photographer

Hello , On 10.10.2010 when me and my two other Photographer friends were just shooting in the streets where everyone else was going to weddings since it was a huge wedding day everyone was getting married on that day !

We came across this Little church in Little Armenia as you may call it Bourj Hammoud as well ..we walked around and there wasn’t any Photographer we were going to look what was the camera that the Photographer was using since that’s the first thing i notice when i see someone is shooting in a wedding ..We asked around and they told us there  is no photographer because of the financial situation of the couple – and that was the moment I came in 😀 We shot the whole wedding and it was an Amazing Unexpected Experience I am going to share some of the Wedding photos ..Cheers