Life is Awesome

Hello ,  Saturday Morning  I had this idea for a long time now –it’s not raining in Beirut so I went to laptop and started preparing this Flyer as you may call it  I didn’t know where I was going to hang them or how or anything I just prepared over 50 and printed them out different colors and styles ..and I left home, with my Camera in one my hand and this papers on the other  first I was feeling weird hanging them on the walls because they were asking me what I was doing and all that BUT after like 10 minutes I forgot all about those and I hanged those 50 all over Mar Makheial – Gemmayze and a bit Ashrafieh I shot them all one by one , The Good thing is that I saw people coming and reading it and then smiling and leaving 😀 This was my adventure of the day more coming soon stay tuned and let me know what you think about this 😀

Eyes are windows to the soul

Each photo you take is a story itself  ,  after a long day of shooting with your friends you come and you watch your photos ..Each time you watch the photos you start to see it in a different way that’s what Photography is about .. Me Looking at this some photos tells me a lot but for you maybe it’s just some photos of peoplebut Hey Look at the EYES ..

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I-Shoot ” Armenian Godfather “

I came across This old man , who was working in this small shop ..He told me his story about the war and how he got into this gun repairing business well I thought it’s pretty Interesting 😀 and I asked if i could take some shots. and I may add it’s very risky as well so there you go the photos hope you enjoy them 😀