SAIDA is a place where I can go and spend hours with my camera and never get bored of exploring and shooting , it’s really amazing.. the narrow streets , the colors everything seemed to be new to me.  In this post you will not see any portraits of People you will see walls and hopefully in the next post I do post the beautiful portraits I took in Saida

Meet Hassan from Saida

Meet Hassan al Koubrously from SAIDA ..after talking with him and telling him what am I going to do with the photos I am taking ..he allowed me to take some photos … Hassan told me his story..He is working for 56 years now ..and he loves it , he is happy ..He showed a photo taken by a French Journalist  and I promised him to give him a copy of these photos  as well ..

Hope you enjoy the photos , more posts coming soon

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Goldsmith is Art

When you go and visit a jeweler shop  you look at the items and you get all amazed by how it’s shinning and it’s done , let me make sure to you that working with gold and silver and making this beautiful products is pure Art ..Me personally I have worked in a jeweler shop for 2 years: D and I know how to do some stuff..It’s really amazing how you can transfer a flat gold piece into a final great beautiful product and all Handmade it takes patient to clean all the prepare so be sure when you are buying a gold product you are paying the price of the gold , diamond and to this Handmade Art

Enjoy the photos 🙂

March against Sectarianism

Sunday 6th of March against  Sectarianism in Lebanon ..

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PS : I was gonna post this photos in Black and white but you know I love the CHANGE sometimes 😀

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I am waiting

I always knew that waiting for something is really annoying waiting your friend to get ready waiting for your final grade waiting for a result for a competition ..but waiting for something and you never know when it’s happening is more annoying ..this Sunday while going on a Photo trip with Beirut street photographers I saw this young women waiting under the rain i was far from her and i really wanted to know who she was waiting for because the area was totally empty …she was not moving .. i passed in front of her she was had really angry looking face and WHERE did she end up being ..anyway 1st car passed didn’t give her any notice ..2nd same ..3rd car she started walking towards him ..again he didn’t even stop for a second..after a while a car stopped and she went with her little bag..

….at the end WE  are all waiting for something.. 🙂