Klashinkof Boghos

Meet Klachinkofe  Boghos  , He is Armenian and He lives in Bourj Hammoud maybe you know him if you are Armenian or heard of him or He loves Armenians in every way He got pretty famous lately this year because of some of his videos on YouTube 😀  everyone had his videos on their

..Enjoy the photos: D

PS : Blogging is addictive ..and Photo blogging is even more addictive .. Thank you all for your  comments on previous blog you guys are Awesome !


22 thoughts on “Klashinkof Boghos

  1. Man, beautiful pics yet again, the angels and of course b/w are very nice. the 1st pic represents what you explained of him.
    Keep it up!!!

  2. Yes khmemne aveli gartennamgor!

    Did u give him whiskey to make him talk?
    In his next video he should mention u 😛

    Nice shots 🙂

  3. Its amazing how black and white photography brings out the essence of the object you are focusing 0n. It has a raw approach which is very touching , although we live in color, it seems only in black and white you can see the emotion and reality behind a face or a moment.
    Love your work, keep it up 🙂

  4. # 1 is a BEAUTIFUL photo mher, your portraits are truly amazing!!!!!!!!!
    you should give a workshop on them someday!
    Also love #5…
    Keep it up bro they’re amazing!

  5. The world is full of kings and queens who blind ur eyes and steal ur dreams, its heaven and hell! Love this song! And great set man! The dude looks so dangerous tho :p

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