Beautiful people of Armenia

Oh ..Motherland  you are so beautiful..

Let the photos talk .

This is part 1 of many parts to come from my trip to Armenia



Dear food

Dear Food ,

I Love you  , every kind of you I just love to prepare  you and eat you or to see others prepare you and I eat you HA ! always works for me  so Yes for food Yes for Lebanese yummy  food

here are some photos of food in some of Lebanese areas Enjoy


Playing Cards

Hello ,

I am back with some NEW Photo blog posts ,

Each one of us has it’s own interest and these interests can change due to our age ..  as you will see the photos below group of Ladies playing Cards gathered together I met them playing in Zahle during a photo trip  with Beirut Street Photographers in a restaurant . ..I must add they were quite professional .When I asked them how often do they gather and play one of them looked at me and said  Day yes Day yes it’s our daily ritual ..that’s cool I guess for Ladies around their age 😀 ..I managed to take some photos without bothering them and Hope you guys like it

Thank you everyone who commented on my last blog post 🙂