Aleppo – Halab

I  visited  Syria this weekend to be one of presenters at Pecha Kucha Aleppo V.03 ..  and it was my first time in Aleppo so after 7 hours from Beirut I arrived to Aleppo … Oh on the Syrian borders THEY took my camera to scan it, I don’t know to WHERE,  but can you imagine how i Felt at those  moments? But anyhow I got it BACK-OF COURSE

Mobile network got jammed when I arrived there 😛 because Syrian  telecommunication companies decided to send 60 minutes free to all their customers and you can imagine how everyone was using it.. and yea because of that it took me around  40 minutes to contact my friends – Aleppo  IS A BIG BIG CITY . old buildings, which I liked them .. narrow streets ..and crowded. It’s ..A street Photographer will definitely be very happy .. I  was lucky to get some shots but I didn’t have MUCH Time to go out and shoot people.. but I am definitely going back 😀

Petcha Kucha with around 300 attendees, was pretty awesome we were 10 presenters and I was the 2nd one . I presented  my Photo blog and talked about my blog posts and encouraged everyone to start a blog, it was an awesome feeling :D!

Here are some highlight photos Enjoy !

Thank you everyone who commented , shared , tweeted my previous blog post 🙂

Pecha Kucha Audience


30 thoughts on “Aleppo – Halab

  1. glad you had a great time–it was nice meeting you 🙂 I like the shot with the light coming from the projector. Let me know next time you’re in town!

  2. wow looking through these pictures made my heart skip a beat especially since some are soo close to where i live when i am in syria nostalgia all over!! thanks for sharing and hope you get to go back to halab soon!! we need more professional pictures of halab out there! i think it is a photographer’s dream if only people knew about it! : )

    hope i can attend something like this next time i am in halab!

    • Hello Aleppo girl , Thank you much for your you said it’s a photographers dream to much to explore and i will sure go back later on 🙂

  3. Hamdullah ala Saleme for your camera, thank God you got back i can imagine the feeling, loved the photo of the souk in black and white. Bravo again.

  4. WOW that’s all i say wow!

    You got amazing talent, I been mesmerized with your work and images.


  5. lovely pics.. i love the one with the “barmil”… colours are good in photos…
    i went to aleppo last year for an engagement party, and i thought the city was really pretty and attractive. Must visit again!! keep up the good work!

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