SAIDA is a place where I can go and spend hours with my camera and never get bored of exploring and shooting , it’s really amazing.. the narrow streets , the colors everything seemed to be new to me.  In this post you will not see any portraits of People you will see walls and hopefully in the next post I do post the beautiful portraits I took in Saida


18 thoughts on “SAIDA

  1. loved the pattern in the walls with pipes 😀 the grayish one though is my favorite =)
    I love how you see stuff, it’s amazing to see the world as you see it =)

  2. i dont get it, y would anyone fall in love with saida while looking at these pics? i mean they dont have anything to do with the city! however; the pics are gr8, the frames are perfect, and the colors are nice.
    gr8 job

  3. Very nice KrikOrian I bet u have a great great future. Keep up the good work. I pray more Blessings from upon to you. Take care 😉

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