Goldsmith is Art

When you go and visit a jeweler shop  you look at the items and you get all amazed by how it’s shinning and it’s done , let me make sure to you that working with gold and silver and making this beautiful products is pure Art ..Me personally I have worked in a jeweler shop for 2 years: D and I know how to do some stuff..It’s really amazing how you can transfer a flat gold piece into a final great beautiful product and all Handmade it takes patient to clean all the prepare so be sure when you are buying a gold product you are paying the price of the gold , diamond and to this Handmade Art

Enjoy the photos 🙂


8 thoughts on “Goldsmith is Art

  1. I like the first picture very much!

    And you made a good point! Sometimes we buy things without thinking about all the hard work that was put into them…

  2. Its always nice to see “behind the scenes” work and the art that goes into such a beautiful craft, amazing photos as usual and lovely choice of topics! Good luck!

  3. Krikorian, didn’t know you had a hidden talent in making jewelry, so interesting, i really love the subject .
    i love the first and the 3rd photo, the hands , it is amazing how you are showing them in your photos.
    keep it up
    and waiting for the next article to come out soon .

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