March against Sectarianism

Sunday 6th of March against  Sectarianism in Lebanon ..

I will not write much about this post guess the photos will speak anyway Thank you everyone who is commenting , Sharing , liking , recommending , tweeting about my blog posts –

PS : I was gonna post this photos in Black and white but you know I love the CHANGE sometimes 😀

Cheers Y’all



15 thoughts on “March against Sectarianism

  1. In the last pic, isn’t the lady on the phone the one who appeared on LBC last week?
    I love the pic with the little boy appearing in 4 panels!

  2. The lady in the last pic is the lady from Shankaboot =) “Katia” I think!
    Tania Saleh and Omaima Khalil were there as well.

    Your pix are perfect and I saw many maaaany pix for that march nothing is even close =)

    oh and it was good seeing u there, even if for just a quick hello =)

    • Z 😀 I guess she is tania right

      Thank you so much I didn’t see any photos from the march still I uploaded this 10 and I am happy that you liked my photos and it was awesome meeting you will sure see you again 🙂

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