Eyes are windows to the soul

Each photo you take is a story itself  ,  after a long day of shooting with your friends you come and you watch your photos ..Each time you watch the photos you start to see it in a different way that’s what Photography is about .. Me Looking at this some photos tells me a lot but for you maybe it’s just some photos of peoplebut Hey Look at the EYES ..

I am SO Inspired by this Video and By Him as well if you love Photography you might check this video 

Hope one day I become like Scott Schuman 🙂

Have a nice day


21 thoughts on “Eyes are windows to the soul

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  2. HI Krikorian ,i really love your photos ,it is just touchy ,feels like with each photo you have taken ,the expressions of those people as if they are saying something to us about themselves as if we know them for so long ,when in fact we don’t know them ,you are very talented .
    i love the title of your article
    and also the video that you shared is really an eye opening video ,and if you say that you want to be like this guy ,you will , you just have to believe in it and do what it takes to get there
    and as Scott says in his video you have to patient ,practice make perfect
    and you are really talented .

    keep it up

  3. Idon’t know who Scott Schuman is (yey yey I’ll Google him in a minute!) but I think, after this series, you’re on your way to great things! I can only say Wowwwwww and keep looking at them! Bravoooooooo 🙂

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  5. Keep it up Mher!! You already know I’m a huge fan of your photos (so I’ll keep the gushing to a minimal lol) 🙂 Can’t wait for our next trip!

  6. I find myself coming back to your web-site only because you have lots of awesome insights and also you happen to be at this a while, which is very impressive and tells me you know your stuff.

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