Mosaic Ashrafieh

Well this week I experienced to shoot with a little camera which you can shoot once and throw away as you can see  the camera  below

.you can check more photos of the camera if you like following this link 🙂

me and other photo bloggers went out and shot around Ashrafieh  it was fun because I didn’t know how the results will show up and now the photos are on and you can vote for them by clicking like button under each photo <——

This is one of the photos I uploaded you can follow the link to enter the website and vote ,

after this Small challenge on 29th of October the e sure to participate in the main contest that starts this Friday October 29, there will be launching of the main competition and it

open to all photographers  Read full information

So you can check all the photo bloggers and vote for your favorites



One thought on “Mosaic Ashrafieh

  1. What a fantastic initiative by Starbucks. Really really GREAT! How did you upload the photos? Did you take the film to be developed to a store? Anyway, I think this is great! What does the winner win? When will the book be published with all of the photos..too many questions I know, I just love the idea!

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